“You Have Forgotten Your God”

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Book of Mormon Lesson 34 (Helaman 6–12) THE PRIDE CYCLE Mormon Illustrates a Repeating Pattern Step 1: Righteousness, Peace and Prosperity For three years the people lived in peace and growing prosperity. The majority of the Lamanites became a righteous people, and many Lamanite missionaries preached to both Nephites and Lam[...]
_34_featured 'you-have-forgotten-your-god' (pride cycle, xchart, BM)

The Fine Art of Joseph F. Brickey

Most of the beautiful artwork shown on these pages is used by permission from Joseph F. Brickey. We thankfully acknowledge his generosity not only on these pages but also throughout our books. We invite you to visit The Fine Art of Joseph F. Brickey on the web to see a full gallery of his beautiful paintings.

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We also thankfully acknowledge several other artists who allowed us to use a few of their works on these pages and in our books: Del Parson, Walter Rane, David Lindsley, and Scot Facer Proctor.

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