October General Conference Week

Posted by Randal S. Chase 5 days ago

This week we are taking a week off from our weekly and daily Gospel Doctrine lesson posts due to our upcoming October General Conference. We will return next week to our normal schedule of posts. WHY THE SAINTS HOLD CONFERENCES The Doctrine of Conference ● Some people treat conference weekends—whether general, stake, or ward—as vacations from Church work. Since there are fewer lessons t[...]
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The Fine Art of Joseph F. Brickey

Most of the beautiful artwork shown on these pages is used by permission from Joseph F. Brickey. We thankfully acknowledge his generosity not only on these pages but also throughout our books. We invite you to visit The Fine Art of Joseph F. Brickey on the web to see a full gallery of his beautiful paintings.

Contributing Artists

We also thankfully acknowledge several other artists who allowed us to use a few of their works on these pages and in our books: Del Parson, Walter Rane, David Lindsley, and Scot Facer Proctor.

Maintained by SilverColt

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