This Week's Lesson

Church History Lesson Schedule

WeekDate PostedLessonLesson DateLesson Title
112/26/2016101/01/2017“Intro to Church History-D&C”
201/02/2017201/08/2017“Behold, I Am Jesus Christ”
301/09/2017301/15/2017“I Had Seen a Vision”
401/16/2017401/22/2017“Remember…the Book of Mormon”
501/23/2017501/29/2017“The Spirit of Revelation”
601/30/2017602/05/2017“In Your Mind and In Your Heart”
702/06/2017702/12/2017“First Principles & Ordinances”
802/13/2017802/19/2017“Restoration of the Priesthood”
902/20/2017902/26/2017“The Only True & Living Church”
1002/27/20171003/05/2017“This Is My Voice Unto All”
1103/06/20171103/12/2017“Field Is White, Ready to Harvest”
1203/13/20171203/19/2017“The Gathering of My People”
1303/20/20171303/26/2017“They Shall Have My Word Thru You”
1403/27/2017none04/02/2017April General Conference Week
1504/03/20171404/09/2017“The Law of Consecration”
1604/10/20171504/16/2017“Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts”
1704/17/20171604/23/2017“Sacraments upon My Holy Day”
1804/24/20171704/30/2017“Laws of Tithing and the Fast”
1905/01/20171805/07/2017“Establish . . . a House of God”
2005/08/20171905/14/2017“The Plan of Salvation”
2105/15/20172005/21/2017“The Kingdoms of Glory”
2205/22/20172105/28/2017“The Great Day of the Lord”
2305/29/20172206/04/2017“The Word of Wisdom”
2406/05/20172306/11/2017“Seek Learning by Study & Faith”
2506/12/20172406/18/2017“Be Not Deceived, but . . . Steadfast”
2606/19/2017none06/25/2017Stake Conference Break
2706/26/20172507/02/2017“Priesthood, the Power of Godliness”
2807/03/20172607/09/2017“Go Into All the World and Teach”
2907/10/20172707/16/2017“Chastened & Tried . . . Even as Abraham”
3007/17/20172807/23/2017“O God, Where Art Thou?”
3107/24/20172907/30/2017“Building the Kingdom . . . In Nauvoo”
3207/31/20173008/06/2017“The Prisoners Shall Go Free”
3308/07/20173108/13/2017“Sealed . . . for Time and . . . All Eternity”
3408/14/20173208/20/2017“To Seal the Testimony”
3508/21/20173308/27/2017“President Brigham Young Leads the Saints”
3608/28/20173409/03/2017“Faith in Every Footstep”
3709/04/20173509/10/2017“A Mission of Saving”
3809/11/20173609/17/2017“The Desert Shall Rejoice and Blossom”
3909/18/20173709/24/2017“We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet”
4009/25/2017none10/01/2017October General Conference Week
4110/02/20173810/08/2017“In Mine Own Way”
4210/09/20173910/15/2017“Hearts . . . to Their Fathers”
4310/16/20174010/22/2017“Temple and Family History Work”
4410/23/20174110/29/2017“Every Member a Missionary”
4510/30/20174211/05/2017“Continuing Revelation to Latter-day Prophets”
4611/06/20174311/12/2017“Take upon You My Whole Armor”
4711/13/20174411/19/2017Being Good Citizens
4811/20/20174511/26/2017The Family Is Ordained of God
4911/27/20174612/03/2017Zion—The Pure In Heart
5112/11/2017none12/17/2017The Greatest Story Ever Told
5212/18/2017none12/24/2017Joseph Smith, God’s Prophet